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Battleboots is a Web3 Lifestyle App with Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements built in.


Battleboots are built around the daily activities that are essential for most people, walking and running. We are the first project to effectively bring the concept of motion monetization to life.


Users equip NFTs in the form of sneakers. By walking, jogging, or running outdoors, users will earn in-game currency that can be spent in-game or cashed out for profit.


Through Game-Fi, Battleboots is driving millions toward healthier lifestyles, fighting climate change and connecting the public to Web 3.0, while relying on its Social-Fi aspect to build a durable platform that promotes user-generated Web 3.0 social contact.


Note: Battleboots is currently in public beta, so the contents of the whitepaper may change in the future.

Register and use

irst, users need to download the Battleboots application


  1. Download the Battleboots appopen the link sent to you by the customer service or download the QR code.


  1. Sign up for BattlebootsAfter accessing the app on your phone, you will be able to sign up with your email address. Your email will receive a verification code that you will need to enter to enter the app.


  1. Create a new wallet The wallet will generate a 12-word secret phrase. This will be used to restore your Wallet if you uninstall the app or forget your password. Important note, keep this phrase in a safe place, write down its mnemonic and store it in your social or other storage space. Transfer Babo to your in-app wallet to buy NFT sneakers in the marketplace.


  1. Shopping for sneakers Head to the market and pick up a sneaker! You can use the Finder tool to find the type of sneaker you like. Make sure you have enough BaBo for your purchases.


  1. activate sneakers Go to Battleboots, turn on the NFC function of your mobile phone before you start exercising every day, and approach the right tongue of your running shoes to authorize the activation of your running shoes, and you can sweat to your heart’s content.


Congratulations! everything’s ready. After buying sneakers, you need to walk or run 5000 count steps per day, and you can get the daily benefit of the upper limit. Start your Battleboots journey today

Game Mode

Reward mode: In sports mode, users activate NFT sneakers and get tokens by moving. The daily limit is 5,000 steps, and no rewards will be provided when the number of steps is reached.


Motion Status: The user should see a “Connected” status at the top of the screen.


Global Positioning System Signal: We use GPS positioning system, which will accurately count your current movement status and movement steps. Make sure you have activated your shoes before exercising.


Reaching the step limit: the user stops earning tokens. You can consume game tokens (Mung) to upgrade your running shoes. You can use tokens to upgrade your running shoes to increase the daily income limit. If you do not consume a certain amount of tokens, the income of your running shoes will increase.


Marathon Mode (in development): In Marathon Mode, users need to register under the Marathon tab at least 24 hours before the start. There will be weekly marathons.

Weekly marathon, so that the marathon is held once a week for the whole day. The event determines the winner of the marathon and other awards based on the total number of user steps.


Rewards (in development): The top 100 percent on the weekly marathon leaderboard will receive Babo/Mung prizes and NFT blind boxes (TBD)


More reward modes are waiting to be developed

Company introduction

Babo Brand Management Co., Ltd., LosAngeles, USA is a group company that manages Metaverse digital collections and consumer goods in a group-based operation. The company has invested and established a number of corporate institutions, among which Los Angeles is responsible for the company’s headquarters, responsible for the signing of strategic cooperation and co-branding of major global brands (artists, sports, film and television, music star joint funds), and the Hong Kong company is responsible for product design, production and sales. The Singapore company is responsible for the realization of Metaverse technology, the construction of the Metaverse platform, and the opening of various APPs. The Dubai company is responsible for product import, export and settlement business, and the Hangzhou company is responsible for business model design and application management. At the same time, the group established a BVI enterprise and realized the overall strategic layout of overseas listing in 3 years according to the group’s plan.


The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, the largest city on the West Coast of the United States. Los Angeles is the most developed and prosperous city in the world’s film and television, art and sports industries. It has a strong artistic soil, a developed film and television industry and a prosperous sports industry. Such an environment is most suitable for the strategic development of our enterprises. Our fashion brand management company BaBo in Los Angeles is responsible for the design of new fashion shoes every year. In 2022, BaBo will design 10 new products in each category, including basketball shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, skate shoes, and casual shoes, for a total of 50 new shoes.


The digital collection boots of BattleBoots metaverse world, which integrates a variety of cultural IP, sports atmosphere, trendy brand elements and NFT design concepts, create metaverse digital collections and real-world twin consumer goods with the only copyright only owned by individuals.

Creation and trading platform

Core concept: The digital collection platform is the core application of Web3, the infrastructure of the metaverse world, and the core of the digital collection project to become bigger and stronger. We provide users with a design and trading platform for digital collections. Users can design and sell various NFT digital collections in the NFT digital collections section.

Development planning

At the end of 2022, BaBo will hold a global fashion shoe designer competition (the final party is similar to the new product launch of Victoria’s Secret). During the competition, BaBo will join together with one of the world’s top artists, big-name designers, film and television stars, etc., and select many famous brands as judges, and select a number of fashion brand shoes and boots design awards and a number of designer awards. BaBo will sign contracts with a number of designers in this competition to jointly create a number of famous shoes and boots that have won design awards, and at the same time launch the limited-edition products of the award-winning shoes and boots to the global market. BaBo will launch a variety of co-branded shoes and boots in cooperation with LVMH, Givenchy, FenDi, Gucci, Nike, IceBerg and other global famous brands.

Traffic Conversion

Through BattleBoots digital twin boots, we bring together C2F digital collection boots, NFT creation and trading platform, M2E economic model, GameFi, SocialFi, Z generation traffic, six Web3 core applications, thus forming a huge Z era data traffic on our platform. We will make accurate traffic realization plan for the above high net worth traffic.

market promotion

40 million users, achieved in 3 years

We have a direct sales force with strong execution The company has set up 10 co-founding partner direct sales teams, each of which has a scale of 500-1000 people, and a direct sales team of 5,000-10,000 people in the first marketing quarter.

Combining online and offline marketing

online promotion Twitter TG You2be FaceBook Tik Tok Insgream Official website in both Chinese and English Hundreds of media Hundreds of new media Hundred Home Community

economic model

Governance Token: BaBo (BattleBoots Token)


Green Carbon Integral Mung Foundry (created)

Green carbon points Mung are incentive points that users get when participating in BattleBoots sports, and the supply of Mung points is increased according to the amount of exercise.


Green carbon credit Mung usage scenarios

  1. New boots
  2. Repair wear and tear
  3. Improve the level of boots
  4. VIP Upgrade
  5. Unlock the socket
  6. Metaverse, GameFI Mall
  7. events8. NFT, DiFi


The total amount of BaBo governance tokens issued is 5 billion

  1. Sports incentive economic model 50%
  2. Global ecological governance 20%: various GameFi event rewards, global developer community rewards, online permanent maintenance of digital boots, etc.;
  3. Founding team: 8%
  4.  Private placement: 5%
  5. Capital: 10%
  6. DAOs: 7%